The Segway is THE new means of transport: environmentally friendly, original, fun and easy to use. You can use it to get around on any kind of terrain without getting tired.

Moving forward is easy: simply lean forward.

The more you lean forward, the quicker the Segway goes, up to 20 Km/h. It’s just as easy to slow down or stop: all you have to do is lean backwards. Better still, to turn, all you have to do is lean to the side, like skiing.

This device is therefore very easy to use because it responds automatically to the user’s body position..Accessible to everyone, the Segway will enable you to offer your clients a wide range of new activities.





Are you looking for an innovative, unique activity, accessible to everyone, to propose to your clients?

If so, the Segway is the ideal solution.

Easy to use, the new Segway X2 adapts to all types of terrain and will therefore enable you to offer your clients a wide range of activities, from forest rides to the "Segway Park".

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Reachable for all




Easy to use


  • Forest rides
  • Snow circuit
  • Orienteering
  • Timed circuits
  • Skill tests
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Segway Quiz
  • Segway Park

Whereas most companies which rent Segways offer only basic city tours, we offer a wide range of activities, from forest rides to the "Segway Park".

These new activities are now accessible thanks to the new Segway X2 model which is more robust than the outgoing model and adapts to all types of land.

You are then free to propose the activity which you feel will most appeal to your clients.


Program & prices of the electrical Segway X2

We offer 3 types of all-inclusive programmes:

  • Half-day programme
  • Full day programme
  • Tailor-made programme

number of hours and days can be tailored according to your requirements

Our all-inclusive programmes include:

  • A "Segway Park" laid out in a series of modules (courses with slopes, beams, bascules, cones, jumps, etc.)
  • Segways X2 all-land models provided
  • An experienced trilingual (English, French and Dutch) instructor
  • Transport of the Segways to the event venue
  • Personal protection equipment is provided